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After a road-trip to the far northeast uncovered what is considered a forgotten gem, the potato donut, the challenge was birthed to bring this superior donut back to the midwest.  

We are former restaurant industry vets with a great love for healthy food, all things organic, and farm fresh ingredients that deliver insanely good flavor.  


So we thought.....


What happens if you use the best quality wholesome ingredients inside the best donut ever, the potato donut?  It became clear we had exceeded our own expectations during our launch at Donutfest 2019 when unexpectedly took home first place for best donut in Chicago.  Since then the message has been clear...

The world

wants a better donut! 

Most donuts are sugar heavy, artificially colored, and made from cheap generic mixes with layers of processed ingredients or high caloric saturated foods like cereal and candy bars.

Our potato donuts require the best wholesome organic ingredients and contain no artificial flavors, coloring, or unnatural sweeteners.  We work with midwestern farmers, and source all natural ingredients when available...meaning we do our best to ensure you're getting a premium product.

If you've ever experienced our donut you know it's delicious buttery, light, and creamy texture. Our flavors are perfected by using only quality ingredients that will deliver rich authentic flavors, and the perfect balance of sweetness that makes you want more and more. After the first bite you'd wished you bought a dozen or

twelve dozen.


All Natural