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"Wow, this is seriously a really good donut"

-impulsive review after one bite of the wild blueberry donut

The Potato Donut Lineup

ORiGINAL Vanilla Sour Cream

Sweet Potato Maple

Maple Pecan

Chocolate Ganache

Cookies & Cream

The Classics

Seasonal Fall/ Winter:

Baked Apple Cider 

Italian Cream Cake

Sweet Potato Ginger 

Brown Butter Chai 

Seasonal Spring/ Summer:

Vietnamese Espresso 

Guayaba y Cream 

Wild Blueberry 

Lemon Ricotta Pistachio 

Banana Mack 

If you ever wondered what 

donut lovers were made for.  

This is that donut. 

*Special Edition Donuts 

 available each week


Best Gluten free donut ever!

-instagram follower

What is a potato donut?

We made the gluten free donut taste like

a real donut.  It's not baked.  All natural ingredients

made the downstate way .... from scratch

 Gluten-free Flavors

Original Vanilla Sour Cream

Sweet Potato Maple

Original Chocolate

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