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Chicago's Potato


Voted: best donut donutfest 2019

"Wow, this is seriously a really good donut"

-impulsive review after one bite of the wild blueberry donut

The most well known cuban dessert

is now a donut!

A rich fluffy guava cake donut with a

traditional cream cheese icing and 

zesty guava drizzle made from fresh  

ripe guava!

Si como no?


Guayaba Y Crema

"120 donuts were gone is less than 10 mins"

-extremely satisfied caterer.

Wholesome.  All natural. True Ingredients

Founded in 2018, We set out to create a potato based donut made with the best ingredients. As health conscious eaters we decided the best donut is a donut that utilizes fresh local fruits, local dairy, and whole grain flours. Little did we know that adopting these values would produce not only a healthier donut but also the best donut anyone has ever tasted.

Awards:  Best Donut, Best Classic, 2nd and 3rd place finishes

This is the best donut i've ever had!

-farmers market customer, vanilla sour cream

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